image showing cement industry work

Cement Industry

We provide concrete repairs on cement silos while working on- scaffolding, rope access, or elevated mobile platforms.

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image showing mining industry work

Mining Industry

We use rope access and cherry pickers to perform work such as prism installation and rock barring in open-pit mines.

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image showing facilities management industry work

Facilities Management

Battalions develop fall prevention systems for roof work and other services, such as anchor point certification.

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image showing industrial work


Asbestos removal, corrosion application, and inspections at heights are some of our services.

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image showing oil and gas industry work

Oil and Gas

Suspended scaffolding, apron scaffolding, access towers, and rope access are some of the access mechanisms we can provide.

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image showing energy or power station industry work

Power and Energy

Clinker removal, sandblasting, thermal insulation, and cladding are some of the services we do at power stations.

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Battalions at heights is your one-stop company for all work at heights.

We can perform all work at heights in confined spaces, around large construction sites, or work on a ladder. We evaluate all our access platforms or mechanism to find the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to perform work at elevated positions. There is always one or more ways to perform work at heights, and we always select the best way.

Our team consists of skills that can figure out all your work-at-height problems.

Our team consists of skillsets from inspectors, technicians to perform concrete repairs, repair work, maintenance work, industrial cleaners, window cleaners, sandblasters, and many more who can perform work at heights using multiple mechanisms.

Our experienced technicians can work on scaffolding, suspended platforms, elevated mobile platforms, mobile towers, mobile scaffolding, and ladders. Our health and safety, environmental, and quality management systems are ISO certified.

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Our ethos IS peace of mind and safe & innovative solutions

We never compromise regarding quality, environment, health, and safety. We have never had a fatality since the company was founded in 2011.

Drone Inspection

Drone Inspections make it possible to access areas that may pose health, safety and environmental risk in a safe and quick manner. We use drones to perform visual inspections in difficult to reach areas. This assists engineering to plan for preventative maintenance and also optimise production.

Drones are also helpful when accessing areas that pose health, safety and environmental risk to humans. Our FLYABLE61L drone provides high-resolution images and videos of inadvisable regions.

image of drone inspection services

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